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sell your business

You’ve worked hard to build a successful business. We’ll help you plan the best exit possible.

Selling your business should be easy. But it isn’t. You could spend thousands on lawyers, accountants, and brokers—before you even have a path forward. Not to mention the paperwork, legal hurdles and tax requirements you may not know about.

With ExitGuide, you get the resources and expert help you need to simplify the exit process and maximize your outcome. It starts with a free assessment of your business to find out what your company is worth today.

Get a step-by-step plan to exit your business without emptying your bank account.

There’s so much you need to know when you sell your business. What about taxes? Employees? Partners? Outstanding debt? What legal documents will you need? What will potential buyers expect? With ExitGuide, you’ll get a customized, easy to follow plan that answers all your questions, including:

  • NDetailed estimate of your business’ current value
  • NResources and guides to help you through the process
  • NProven legal templates (NDAs, LOIs, Sales Agreement and more)
  • NPersonalized Exit Plan to help you achieve your ideal exit
  • NOne-on-one support from an experienced Business Exit Coach

ExitGuide is with you every step of the way.

Whether you’re ready to exit now or just looking at future options, get the resources and support you need, no matter where you are in the sales process. Here’s how it works…

Phase 1: Assess and explore

Find out what your business is potentially worth and get insights for increasing its value and making the best of the exit process.

Phase 2: Prepare and engage

Gather the information you need to share with buyers, then get coaching for what comes next.

Phase 3: Negotiate and exit

Create a business profile, get personalized guidance for attracting a new owner, and complete your exit with total peace of mind.

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We have advice, templates, and strategies to get the most from selling your business.

Hundreds of business owners trust ExitGuide to help them maximize their exit.

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“ExitGuide helped me understand the value of my business, an area I had no expertise in approaching. They made this a very user-friendly resource and stuck with me throughout the process of exiting my business. I feel more prepared and knowledgeable having used their service.”

Marc T.
Partner in a Psychology Practice

“My business partner is leaving the business and ExitGuide was a great resource to understand my options and what steps I need to take.”

Co-owner, Vegan Ice Cream Maker

“I’ve started a business, I’ve never exited a business – not sure where I would start”

Andrew C.
Owner, Party Rental and Supplies

“Our coaching sessions helped me understand the value of my business and what steps my business partner and I need to take. I am really glad we found ExitGuide!”

co-owner home health care business